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The Othello Outlook
Othello, Washington
January 3, 1974     The Othello Outlook
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January 3, 1974
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~0 Sawe *k. us ,.w, bvi Revere Masonic Lodge will be cent since 1940, when the ,,, !o u,~ IA... K., Mo.,4 Poge 4 - THE OTHELLO OUTLOOK il held Saturday, Jan.3, at8p.m, value placed on local property at the Masonic Temple, for tax purposes was $13,600, 0 according to Vern Marsh, moo. /~'~ ~ ~]LCI . retiring master. ************* Officers of the lodge to be One of the things which has installed are Harvey Barley, been bothering farmers in the worshipful master; George Othello area has been the lack Dainielson, senior warden;of a forseeable market for c-.Z'~ JD YI~ ' .... Richard Benson, junior war- some farm crops this summer "Working for Othello's Balanced " ~L_'., ..~,,,,,, _-~- growth" Entered as Second Class ~\ ~ ~ II roll ~ den;O.F. Kenfield, treasurer; andfall. ~,?~,.,U,~.~"~ ~nuu IL Matter January 21, 1947, at the Post !t:, G.W. Kliphardt, secretary; AI Farmers of the area were "~,, ;. ~ ~- " J1974 :~ I~li~D~ i~D~'JI~" Office at Othello, Washington underthe .~. TEanNuaYEJRS96A4GO Sallenberger, chaplin; Erhart virtually assured a sale for c/ ~ ~hey ~ L.. ~ ~, ial..a ~i Act of March 3, 1879. Published every .~ ~ Meyer, marshall; Del Russell, field corn in almost any ~esan : ~.lo~latlon - ~ IlMIII Thursday morningat Othello, Washing- ~,__ ~., senior deason; Floyd Coffman, quantity this week. They will ~anua ..... " ...... ton 99344 by the Basin Publishing ~ junior deacon; James Logan, be contracted starting Jan. 4, ~te Di Company. senior steward; Everett Wat- by the Washington Coop ~-, t'~wart son, junior steward; and fieldmen to find those who ........ ........... ~----ztd~thnol R D. (Dan)LEARY .............................. MANAGING EDITOR James Nelson, tyler, intend to raise corn in this I 180 E Main w ................ DEAN H. JUDD ........................................................ ED TOR " ************* vicinity. [:,'~'~''.Z":,~.','Y ~'J,,~3~,~,~ RICHARD REX .............................................. AD MANAGER Subscriptions $5.00 m~,o ....... ,.,~ ..... ~,,D~ JESSIE M PLANT SOCIAL EDITOR yearly in Adams, Rodeo Tracts last week to" Ron Drake. pioneer drug- WENTY YEARS AGO -~- .! a,. ................................... SECRETARY brant, Benton and view an area that stands as a gist in Othello is going to T /railer bales ~gust BETTY HASTINGS ............................................. Franklin Counties, potential breeding ground for move. He said 'his lease has January 1,1954 .................. ~ed b, MARGE FEYDER .............................................. AD LAYOUT $6.00 elsewhere, diseases which could reach ex~wedn" at the store at 103 S. Walter O. Meyer, .cunty tllrsn0 1.0Ulee, tall I, Olle{:l OJJ-UJU~ No; SHELLY HANLEY ....................................... COMPUWRITER Single copies - 15 into all parts of the city. lst Avenue where his business assessor, announced this week -. The area is located west of has been located for over 10 that his final1953 figures show 1970 HOLIDAY RAMBLER .... !ntln~ -~ ...... t-tal assessed evaluation on ~/~...Yms is one that you can use as tong as you liKe.J*~, ~IE ~j j~O~ R T the Milwaukee Railrad years an t'na~ ne has taken all;ca] and netshal nrnertv Pcpie are using this fr their heine and away frnl~ eyei Tracks and surrounds a large out a new ,ease in an empty v v v ., home 4"eraaj and growing lake or pond. store nextdoor to Lockmiller's in Adams county of PLU~immPLUSHmmV " ~ide~ Conducting the tour was Real Estate alsoon 1st $20,826,000 This represents .... ..... . ........ , ~. .... Adams County Sanitation officer H.R."Mike" Schleicher, who called the area dotted with substandard housing and ~nl " shacks used to house transient Thl laborers and their families, "an L*q ~ X C t N t 'S " g l; active sore,o, f bothOthelloand I uor a u o ure fl . * Big Larry Meyer, Othello's C L B COnUn iosF Ai high scoring center, really ontrac ~m oost m outdid himself Saturday night against visiting Highland as he ill .ocketbooks of ~_bl.~ e...~.~- OLYMPIA - The drinking session concept w" " t) ' nn- ie mnlov poured 32 points through the . 'lure public in this state still has a right up until January, next ees who are reimbursed for hoop to set a school record. ~rcenl chance of getting some tax year. There probably ..... will be at usln" ~ thmr" own ~ute~mohi|~ Meyer, who is haveing a great inter relief from the coming leg- least one weekend oz mu dress on of'ficial business at the rate ~year averaging 19.7 points a =a w/ --'* to' at id |L~ 2d'-.f'O |Ilion islative session, but the committee meetings .... betweenof 0, ......... ]re ons chances are substantially less the two split legislative " ~o rate w~ The mIleao_ ....... compelled by law to consider than they were six monthssessions, as well as numerous " - estabhshed during the days employee organization pro- 1' I ,, ]' . : a o. As expected, numerous subcommittee meetings. ~ " e ~nld f-, . ~,~,~ yves~ g ..... when oasohn .............. posals that are not part of a legislators feelthatiftaxrelief No regular monthly tun as20 cents per gallon or less; bargaining process, it certain- ~~ t i'%: #p~~ i!~l~":~'"~f:~ i~ !i i~ ;ezes is ossible it should be in some dress committee meetings are v ~m ,~.,~ k p before man~ of th_.., w~_~ ly may do so if it chooses, tt~ i~-- j~ ~ ~ ~" ~" --~" ~t : .... ~ ! bYu~ area other than liquor, planned after adjournment of even born But the 10-cent In the same opinion, Gorton ~: ~. v ~i~l~ .... ~:,' ' ~: ! ......, |s hel~ A. N. Shinpoch, Renton, a the April session, but sub-"e'ff " is .~et hv l~w .... mil_a~e rate .......---.. held that a school board is :!i ~.~ ~ ~i~i t~ power in the House as committees will continue to Only a legislative act can required by law to adopt an ~ !~ .... ~!i~ ~ ~ '~ ~l,f 19 chairman of its Appropriations work. ehnn~r~ it ' .... ~ ~ ~ : ...... : ~ : ' \:) ~ ~ m ' dthro ..... .... annual salary schedule for i I t t i tl ltttl lti Committee, has said he would All bills introduce ugh- " ~ n e "~i~ Durino the ~resent ~ri .... certificated employees, but it " . "' ~ .... i"~! ~ ~ceed rather see the sales tax out the life of the 43rd useofmotor pool cars has been is not required toadopt official i i122 ' ~ ~ : " inter reduced on food. The number Legislature which haven't yet - a h t'in many ea~ ...... incre_sed, _u ........... , .....policies on a variety of other f otherstakin a similarpassedwilldie with a(l-t" " " n " Alan m~,~, i 172. o g his is impractical ............ ~ matters. view minthas increased as journment of the Aprilses-sm ~over ental ~ntiti~ ~~: i~ p all o _ m ..............Examples of subjects which fear grows that the energy sion. But subcommittes willdon't have them , i ~ ..... 1 . eruch may have an adversecontinue to study many of Tile state's counties will do not require official policies include the maximum number effect on the state's economy, them and make recommend- snearhead an attempt i- t r ~ - ....... r- -~ of students in a classroom, the Inability f ]egislatrs t atins t the 44th Legisla u e change the present law* Seine number f elementary special : ] .... ] I agree onany one of three bills which will convene in 1975. counties have announced a ists to be used for such I Ore~ toreduce the li uor tax hasn't This same procedure was willingness to ~av nmre if t ~ . q v " b th ~-~ --- ..... subjects as physical education 20,0 helped matters, followed pre iously y e permitted to so do. and music, secondary planning ~t_t~ ~ii:: ~` ~i: . i:,~', ~[~:~ ~2e01 Even Governor Dan Evans, various interim committees, But there is one hitch The ~;t ....... ~ / ~ ~ ~J ~ ~ ~ who earlier had advocated a such as lmgislative Cuncil mileaee allowed le~'islatnr-~ fr~ periods and a schedule ca|en" i~ /~ .... ~ ~, ~iJ, ~ ires, cut In h uor taxes, didn't etc., which thrived for many tr i ~, t 0 vmnia f.r ~ dar. -~ "" avel--'~n _o _1.__~" ........... - .... The opinion was requested ~ ~:~ :] , ...... ~mm ~ ~I if:>" :~:1~ ~ ~:: ~ ' ~ ~ ~'egol specificall; ask for it in his years before advent of the legislative session, and for . ;' , .... ~ ~ i , \ .... ~ ~',~ i .... ~: ~ojec by Grant County Prosecuting i I i t i i I I I I t t :: t t I t t :: bud et message. He merely continuing Legislature. r " ff o ~f r ~eHnnvn ! : k an, g eturnlno h_me __te_ __~ .... - Attorney Paul Klasen. ' ; i " ~,600 set aside $10 million for any The Crunch Pinches ment, was set by the ************* i tax cut the Law-makers might The soaring prices ac- constitution at 10 cents a mile-- Budget Request Inadequate ' !Tota choose to make. companying the gasoline way back in 1889 The state budget request tnter ~> 'The Battle Go~ ~,*~ ~hm'~ge had put a pinch on the, " :- -r--" i ~ , i ~ , : i i~ i ~res, 1 ~ :~t~a~g| ~i ;~ / ..... formadeeducatinby Governor for Evans1974-75'Dec.aS ........ ~i ~rP~l inc] b~K~bing"bnTor . __ ~, | --"-'~ 20, seriously impairs the between the stat scarab'unties n Yah. ~'~ka~kd~|e i~ financial stability of every ' and its contractors will ~, i~ /~l~l~UIl[~'~' ~ local schooldistrict. session.Cntinue in the JanuarYareper- [] = 'i" t, re Counties t'r~~_ c, o ~',..'~.~ ~-, The budget for state sup- 1 r port calls for considerably less. Sets, are ..... I .... ' i i : " ! n" mit,ted by law to use their own - state moneyforoperating ' ....... ~ ~ ~:~i c, road crews or day labor on " - durable : .......... A recent opinion of ALter- policies relating to curriculum, public schools. At the same ~:~ ~ ......... ~:" ~ ~Iv:~ ~ : ~:~ I ~ould projects costing up m ~a uuu . .. '.~ " ney General Slade Gorton textbooks, training, personnel time the implication is that stainless steel, f' .... ~ ' nut those exceeamg mat .............. ::i ..... ., I \: .... ~ ~ ~orth ......... snouJo assist in cmaring the air matters, salaries and other lcal school districts shuld ~'~ i i ; t [ ~ amount must De put OUt tO mcl ..... - find the money via increasing dishwasher and | f . . _ in negouauons, subjects. lor contractors. ,, ,, I 1 OLYMPIA Dec. 21 - But until and unless a local levies up to 33 per cent. tarnish resistant. [ i i [ |: |" j ..........Tile counties want tne limit r~. , ~ ' . ....... .......... .,rectors o, ascnootalstrict school board itself first With thestatebackingout Available in [ "|"|! | |" | [ "| |" increased to $ o,uuu but in . '. . are not required by the Pro- proposes to adopt a particular of its constitutional obligations past sessions contractor L L L ', 1 ~ L ~ L ~, ~ ~, likiclU .... fessional Negotiations Act to policy there can be nothing and the inflationary cost 3 attractive groups nave successmuy op ..... - negotiate with an employee against which this require- spiral, local district financing posea an increaseIn tne . -- , ....... ...... orgamzauonover policies mentcanoperate, accoralngto is continuing to be a crisis patterns." 7 | maximum the counties also ............ "'" to h ve "~ 'im- proposeo oy that group ex- tne attorney general situation. are seeking a tne I It , ...... elusively on its own initiative, However, when an em- Local support of the local on wor~ wmcn can De oone in .............. schools seems to be the only ..... ~tLorney t, eneral ~iaae her- pioyeeorganlzattonsuggestsa county parks ny regular park " " way the people have to be sure "to ""5 .... h ton concluded today in a polIcyasacounter-proposalm Save ust $50 at crews raiseo ~z uuu ~ e ' " formal legal opinion, a bargaining session, the their children are receiving present limit is $1,000. Gorton said employee or-school board must consider it if needed educational opportun- rmuty~:"e':+'" and you YoieesoiReluctance ganizations clearly have the it is reasonably related to the ities. Voices from both sides of the right "to meet, confer and legislative aisle started calling negotiate" with a school board for a hold- the- line posture on before the final adoption by spending almost as soon as the board of a variety Governor Evans released his budget for public view tea television audience. The budget appeared to be in for substantial major surgery before it gets through the Legislature. Among the Republicans who think the Governor trained his sights too high is Frank Atwood, Bellingham, the Senate Re- publican caucus chairman, and ranking minority member on the Senate Ways and Means Committee. Numerous other Republi- cans echoed comments made .by :the majority leadership which doesn't share the subject then under negotia- Notice we didn't say ade- tion. quate or equal opportunities, - And, Gorton, noted, al- just needed opportunities for a of though a board is not bare, minimum education. BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ~anuiml iIIImiml ~' THURSDAY, JAN. 3, 1974 Ea;rern Star Sagehens .,.. '-- Theatre Guild ...... ' k k VW [~ Rot are C,t~t~ BRANT Business & Prote~sionai Governor's optimism regard- Women's Club Downtown Othello HI,/8-2073 ing the state's revenue pros- FRIDAY, JAN. 4 1974 I Visit the pects during the energy pinch. ~o;~.~ , ~ I LO'TUS ~00~ Shinpoch, who in just two SATURDAY, JAN. 5. 19 ~.~ ~ uo nwvm terms has earned a reputation -- Nothino ! -- ~ l~ as watchdog of the taxpayers' LOCKER BEE[ Sr~Nl)A~Y JAN 6 1974I~J~rn~ PImn dollars, commented the people "A tiend de IT-" 9""" "","r he has talked to want to see a r'USTC~M ~UTTING' -- ~ Iu ....I----~'.__ II~! tightening up in government. " ~ ~'o~;~,~"';;,~ 719~4 I~ ,-,lira, on B May Be No Hurry LOCKER RENTALS ' ', ' " ' i I~ It is highly possible the . . Lion s Club ] ["~i_~*riP~,,*~r W~r law-make:st~ill withhold final ON THE FARM" J aycee i -~hT'~-~ ;J' [] action o e budget until SLAUGttTERING Mamnic Lodge I w~u~ n~,i~ April. The majority leadership Key Club ]I-...'--L'_~- r*_ _. . I~ already has made up its mind m n~ i ~' n Rel~ekah iirri~arion cauiDment LI~I to split the coming session in 60D S LocKer ..... m I "* .... ..... l~wo' despite Governor Evans' Boy'~':fo'utTroop~806 I ?'" insistence that h split session DIRECTLY BEHIND ~ ~ .. ~ .... I G, I:QuiDmen! i~n't needed. ,JACK'S BARGAIN BARN ~oy ~cout I_r~Np 8 ;;~4[ .... '- '--'' :-- [] Fearinga tax boost may be .' HU 8-9955 " TUESDAY, J , , "110~ ~. Broadway mecessary to make up for Kiwanis Club. economi mE(act of ee rrevenUer i depletedthbYnethe ,...,--~ ~,.--- V.F.W. Auxilary i i"Pit~l/l~r Ill . : ",,p , , . gy ~VO~r Traildusters SaddleClubI IB,-UUlIII IB ,herbage, they aon t want to ~~ ~ o.E.s. I J[=l~ I i5 L .~ ~djourn sine die in late im , Eagles i i :....t._~ . .....# ]l~ ~bruary; then risk the ~__ ~ /. I WEDNESDAY, JAN 9, L974 i I~ WIIUI yUU ,yl~l ~ance of the Governor calling I~1 U--J--- I ot Commerce ' ,~, L~U I~em back for a tax boost in :~r~ ~UU|U i , aTa;o, s i m.r. I ~r--just before elect . " I ...... I ~::They believe they will have ~ . I urficer's wwes , " ~. " | AMI~HII[~N I ~bet~ picture of the revenue ~ 1400 On Your !TPswA# I ot at ~ospe~s by April, and in this ~t " -- | I __-- -_ _ --*'---> I~ ~s~ct also be in a better ',f~ ., ! I Ig'l l liG' . ~iUon to deal with the ~'