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The Othello Outlook
Othello, Washington
January 17, 1974     The Othello Outlook
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January 17, 1974
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"Working for- Othello's Balanced ~ m ~ | 1 ~ [] n ~ 0TICE OF HEARINq : ' gro th Entered as Second Class -- ~ ....... In the Matter of the Vae ~:~J JR "~ I ~ i ILL i Matter January 21, 1947, at the Post ...... totallymadequate ..... grsxns through increased spe- Port!onofHarderRoad#579, . * } Office at Othello, Washington under the " noao I~11 I ~14J i By Frank Brouillet cial levies. It is time for the NOTICE IS HERERV : StateSupt.ofPublic state to assume its constitu- that the 4th day ofb'e-bruaryl Act of March 3, 1879. Published every ~ n ~ ~ Insturction tional obligation for the the hour of 10:00 o'clock a.m , t ~ Ill ! ~ I$M Thursday morning at Othello, Washin - ton 99344 by the Basin Pubhshlng ~ "The Governor s budget financing of educational pro- office .of the Board of~ " " ..... " ams for the h ....... ~ommlsmoners I~,itZVltle wompany. TEN YEARS AGO second vice president, and requestioreducationls totany gr c uaren oi tnls ton has been fixed as the J R.D. (Dan) LEARY .............................. MANAGING EDITOR . January 16,1964 Jess Heers, secretary-trea- inadequate. It is based upon state." ************* place for hearing upon the 180 E Main Junior got his fire truck surer, illusionary figures and ac- the County Road Engineer ! DEAN H. JUDD ........................................................ EDITOR " ~ ....... What is the m ........... ed in the matter of the va0 under the tree at Christmas. ************* counting manipulations. ~ne ~age. twang. Portion ox .......... rlaraer r~oaa ~at~ RICHARD REX .............................................. AD MANAGER Subscriptions $5.00 Othello got its off a railroad car FIFTEEN YEARS AGO net effect will be a further brought by Mr. Brouflletln so Road the termini general JESSIE M. PLANT .................................. SOCIAL EDITOR yearly in Adams, last Friday. Both are excited January16,1959 decline in state dollars for far as Othello is concerned? andwidthofwhich,'asrecom Grant, Bentoa and BETTY HASTINGS ............................................. SECRETARY Franklin Counties and pleased. Names were given to theeducation andasharpincreaseIt is that the state school in such report being as fo~ MARGE FEYDER ........................................ ...... AD LAYOUT $6.00 elsewhere'. The City of Othello received two Othello parks by the city in local.special levies. . funds to Othello are being re- Ha~r~emS~n:al~g~;~~erseWn "Itis redmtablethat duced $28,270 71 Wellsandt Road in theS'% of i delivery of a brand new bright council this week. The parks P - SHELLYHANLEY ....................................... COMPUWRITER ingle copies - I5 red $16,000 American La- named were the newly de- education forces will appeal On a 60-40 per cent col-9,Twp. 19N.,R. 37E.W.M.; .... lection basis this m-an~ ~- eastward to the Emden Ro~ the Governor s request ~o tne ~ ~ ,~. . ~.~, o. France fire truck Friday. It's veloped park and the old city . "" automatic o eratin " v " i~/4 olbection23 Twp 19~ the city's first, park downtown, legislature, and it is equally p g le y in- E w M. th .... ~., th.~,-I. The delivery of the new fire The large newly developed predictable that educationcrease of $47,115 in order to l~m'(te'n'Roa'd~t'ot~hein~te'rsecJti forceswill make strong stay where the revenue is in the McCall Road in SEV4 of truck isa milestone for Othello park which up to now has . . ~n,~o ~A 10 Twp 18N R 37E W M, appeals to local voters to ,~.o-.~. ....... because it is the first fire been known as the north park . oistanceofa roximately71/ understandthat the Gover- What must be done m raise engine. Prior to this time has been named the Lions , .... NOTICE ~ FURTHER: Othello has contracted with Park. The name was suggest- nor s budget request neces- tile state per pupil allowance that all persons intereste the Adams County Rural Fire ed to the city council by the sitates higher local property up to at least $425 per student appear and be heard at suchl~ in order to meet incr~--- upon the report and reco~ taxes ~-o,-s at" " " ~" District Number 5 to protect it Lions Club in Othello. It was - ........ mn oI tne ~ount Road Er from fires, thought appropriate because "It is patent!y obvious that costs wt~nout pusnmg tnem either to proceed ~ not t~ p V H d T h T the Governor s budget re- into ~ne levy arena, with such vacation of such { I ************* of the club's work on the de- quest, as well as those of Contact your legislative R~d~ed at Ritzville Washi eterons ome on eoc er envre Run Drake, Othello phar- velopment of the park. recent years, is reducing state friends before it is too late th ..... ' .... macist and businessman, ac- The council asked for a re- . ~s ely o~ aanuary, lv'~a. P ti"e! s~su~r ~!?h~t !h? S i cepted the gavel in,formal commendation of the park aid tolocalschooldistrictsin,Urgethemtoralsethestate BOARD OF COUNTY ceremonies at Freddie s Res- commission who in turn un- order to expand the programs portion of school.funding. We MISSIONERS OF AI een oten r ess on taurant last Tuesday, Jan. 14. animously recommended the and activities of other state think the state has the money COUNTY, STATE OF WAS: agencies. It is based upon the to do it without new taxes - BO~ ......... i Drake who has acted as pre- Lions park and the 'Pioneer assumption that the voters either.statewide or locally l~S~T~US~et~'t~azey'~erzm~ ha of value their schools and will tax OLYMPIA - In addition toP P P " g prefiled, HBl178, would im- sident pro-tern of the Othello for the downtown park. the usual skirmishes whichveterans' organizations, but pose a horsepower tax on all Kiwanis Club since the trans- ************* occur in virtually 'every they have built-in strength motor vehicles. The ratefer of former President, Wal- Spin the telephone dial and themselves at higher rates at I~AIIIMII~III~I~ tRl~l IJIl~llPl~ I~lPIl~ltllt legislative session the ingre- within the Legislature itself, would be 75 cents per horse- lace Blore, will serve as the span the nation. That's what the local level to ensure the II~IIII~IIKI/ ~FIKI NI LIK KgrAII dients for a couple of newThere are 13 members of the power, but the excise tax on 1964-65 Kiwanis president. Othello and Royal residents continuation of quality educa- ~. : tion for their children. It is , ~ h~ssles were dropped into the teaching profession .in, the the fair market value of a car Other Othello officers in- will be able to do starting based upon the assumption ~ L~ ~ current session before iteven House of Representatlves and would be reduced from 2 to l~/~ stalled were Jack Unbewt~st, Sunday when nationwide di- that new state government ~ ~1 ~-~,-- A~ had convened five in the Senate. per cent. first vice president; Don Lee, rect distance dialing goes into programs should be financed, L~i~~~~t~~ i One involves an issue which From Constituents The measure is sponsored effect here. -| .... Anewlong-distanceswitch- not by an increase in state '~,:'~ ~'~ ~~'~ '! hasn't been heard from for at The effectiveness of such by Representatives Simeon R. ~/~l/~n~v. v~, ~l ing, or automatic call taxes, but by a reduction in ~~7~ .~|~~:]AT~ ~nd[.. t least 40 _ev arc, the State initiative efforts as Initiative Wilson, Marysvflle; Donn ~m M Veterans' Home at Retsil. This 276 and Initiative 282 appears Charnley and Lois North, both r= |al /I / routing center will go into state aid to schools. Itisbased ~~ -~/A~) ~ '. ~v~ ~catic " t one at d ins itution has to be prompting various aegis of Seattle, and Richard Kelle P0 r wo nlv ue .... increase in local special levies ~ ,~d~w~ ~, : sta e- ~r e t . _ y, service in Seattle on that day, upon the assumption that an ~ ~[ ~.~ ~, been nearly forgotten until its lators to try their hand at Tacoma making it possible for the -- ~,dan is preferable to, or more pus- ~ ~ ,. ,~ " i n " Iv working out mgismtive frus-Meanwhile, Representative P. _J L. ~11~ telephone users here to dial ~ !ngel senior medical off cer ubllc ~ . . proclaimed cond!tions at its tratlons via the initiative Robert Perry, chairman of the ['Y~ ~Y rUL~ their own long distance calls to sable than, increases in other J~'AIImimi ~ it~raI taxes. LUM~HU [~ iate infirmary as 'deplorable'. route. . House Transportation and -- -- about 75 per cent of the tele- "The time has come for Further remarks to the effect Included in this group are Utilities Committee, is having ............. phones in the United States mm r~rnr~i~-t~rant ~OUnLy The ......... 7:education to call a halt to ~ ~i that three times as much is Representative Charles Moon, a measure drafted to tax ..... y~l ne anle to reach ou Pubhc Utility Distract com- . ..... expanding other state pro- ttn~nw ~.l, /t~h ITi~ ! v nt i V on a convict at Snohomish and Senator A Lmotor vehicles by both horse ...... states ann parrs oi six more M ..... it .vw...,, I ! I ~- l s e da I ' - missioners ~wonaay openeu ..... ~ . ., lVlonroe Reformatory as is Rasmussen, Tacoma Moon, ower and weight His bill ..... tnrougnout tne country, tne IE_ - ." . P raps for two power trans- ~ .......... '. Duane Powers and Gary Rainbird Service ~ -- expended on a resident at who already has a bill In the would earmark, the revenue .......... t~lstriet ot t~olumma ana tour ll lormers, rlve Ilrms DIn on tne . ,~ , Retsil seems certain to add Legislature to impose a for development of publictwo transformers, with" b~ds" areas in*************banaoa Bracken, all chorus. The ~_ ~ ~_ more controversy_ over the privilege tax on corporations, transportatlon, ranging from an apparent low - all-state units will consist of ~ ! ta#.!l ~ - ~ r~ u ~ n t ofwas scheduled to file the same Same Lyric, Different Tune of $108,400 per unit by Wes- , ...... b_doet for the Derartmen TWENTY YEARS AGO 150 band members and 250 /ruc~ V~III ~e al ~ ~) Social and Health Servicesmeasure as an initiative some Speculation on the duration tinghouse" Electric' Supply of ,~ January__. ~a,, t:~oa,, chorus students. _ _ .~ ~ , If the various veterans' time this week. Hislegislative of the legislature follows a~poKane.............. to a nigh o~ ~za o,a, uneofOthellosomestland-. , ************* , 5argent Pump and Irrigation. tew organizations., take uo_ the bill has been in House. Ways familiar script. It all depends With ......... oenvery time mr' tne-" marks, tne ...... gig senool on 4thmayor Clarence wilson d~els in behalf of Retsil it and Means Committee ever u on howlon it. takes to ass ...... avenue, is aDOUt ~O oe ~orn shook up the city government , #~ cu ~. , . . P g P transIormers ranging trom ~u . . could be lGo ate a skirmish, since it was introduced earlier., the budget. But through the to 78 weeks.......~ne Dips weretheWn" or such arethe hopes of .... at the regular meeting bf the~,~ V^,,~ D,,l,k;.~ ~rl~[ar ~J ~" ...... meat scnoo~ noard The They had enough clout inthis year. lyric is the same, the tune is turneo over to tne engineering bo ....... " Othello Town council. He ~Ha,~ ~t~ ~,~u ,~H~,~ k the September session to Rasmussen has had similar slightly different. The Gover- oepartment ....... mr StUdy ano , ar~nas ~ssueo.. a call. .... mr bidsappointed Mark Leighton as n n n n Ln~tat r ~ ~atlPuam muter two-thirds majorities frustrations with two mea- nor and the majority lead- evaluauon' mr tne wrecking oi tne oil chief of police as well as hiring Neaa$ m tot Kenalrs I "o in each house to overridecures to outlaw hitchhiking, ership are singing in different "~ o '.', . o structure which was con-Don Cooks as night patrolman, r ,|in.. une ol tne transtormers IS Governor Dan Evans' veto of One has been buried in the keys. ............. s oemned last fall Waldm Ha~ght was appoint- !ay tl scneouleo ior use in tne Vu~ W~ their bill reestablishing the Senate Judiciary Committee The legislative leaders say if ......... ne removal of the old " " ~ joi~ proposeo rtuH sun-station east ........ ed water superintendent and ~ I$ SUn I In uA am ~,, - .......... nUUolng will make room lor ~rata original dates for Memorial ever since the first session of they can get the information oilvloses ~aKe, ano tneotner ~s the .... the mayor announced his in- IU )AVIHU) ~John " new hLgh school which IS Day and Veterans' Day. the43rd Legislature convened they want on the budget, they unscheduled at the present - tentions to hire one more man ~..~ .............. ayear ago.. canwrapit upand gohome for time, .......... altnougn i~ may ne useo proposed*************for the present site. in the water department fol- ~t Js i "Th~eoth~ha~i :~ood in about 30 days. But if to replace the first trans- ~ . . ..... lowing the suspension of J.R. . ~ogis~ ~f:~n*~the~p~r~ees~ " ~even ~tuuen~ irom l;ne o' " ~t former m the Wahluke sub- .~.~ , , . .. . Eds ns ,job as.water auperm- N0 ~ C05| ~ . liO,FlffdGiff C0~L~ ion ~tfed sinc~ last March 16, at the end of 20 days and come ......... w~neuo scnoom wm recmve an tendent. ~serv stauon aepenozng on tne rate . .. .. , ...,, .......... opportunity wmcn they wm Some of the Mayor's prooo- I~ ~ ! as ~, I for action on other issues while an identical bill, spon- back for another short session o~ oevelopment on wanluKe ..... facing the Legislature. It coredby Representativeg in April. ' pronamy rememner mr some cations were protested vigor- I llmn X. |rr|ll l][| ing 1151 III ahl IIII UIIV~ bee smpe. . .... ' time to comeThe studentsously, but Wilson stood his ~ ~ revolves around a bill prefiled C.W. Beck, Port Orchard, and The Governor has been The commission mscusseo by Senator Hubert Donohue, Geraldine McCormick, Spo- ground and over-rode the |~55 S. Br dw OTHELLO Dayton to modify the 19-year- kane, suffers a similar fate in council. old teachers' tenure law. Donohue's measure would authorize school districts to discharge teachers for incom- petency; also for the purpose of reducing costs during periods when funds are short. The tenure law was hard won. The two teachers' or- ganizations, Washington Edu- cation Association and State Federation of Teachers, have guarded it jealously for years. They will be certain to battle any attempt to water it down. Not only do they pack political clout rivaling and the House. Rasmussen consequently has decided to support the initiative to outlaw hitch- hiking which was filed last week. He twice had outstand- ing success with initiatives several years ago. One legal- ized sale of colored margarine. The other enacted the joint tenancy law. Charge It To Energy Legislation responding to the energy crisis started coming into the Legislature well in advance of the con- vening date. One of the bills ei SEATTLE Washington taxpayers will find a number of timesaving improvements on 1973 individual income tax returns as well as shortened and simplified "instructions, Seattle District Director of Internal Revenue Michael Sassi said today. Steps taken by the IRS to improve tax forms, Sassi said, "should enable many tax- payers to complete their returns with less difficulty and in less time than last year." So that taxpayers can file early and receive refunds in less time than those filing closer to the April 15 due date, he urged employers to dis- tribute W-2 withholding forms as soon as possible. W-2's for 1973, generally, must be dis- tributed by Jan. 31, 1974. Most taxpayers who file in January receive their refunds in four to five weeks, while later filets may have to wait as long as eight weeks, because of the greater volume'of returns received. The major improvements in the 1973 tax forms are: -elimination of Schedule B for reporting details of divi- dends and interest; -elimination of the require- ment to list contributions for which the taxpayer has can- celled checks or receipts; -elimination of the require- ment to list names and dates for '~ payments to ~octot;s, dentists and hos- pitals; -reduction in the number of revenue-sharing questions to a single item; and elimination of income limi- tations for filing the 1040A short form. In discussing the instruc- tions for 1973 returns, Mr. Sassi said the IRS has not only shortened the instructions, but has rewritten much of the material in easier-to-under- stand language. Most taxpayers who filed last year have received their 1973 tax forms in the mail. Taxpayers can obtain addi- tional forms and instructions throughout the filing period at most banks, postal service stations tOOg Hm 67 So. Isl: necessary budget information is already there; that there isn't any need for a split session. But the legislative leaders aren't ready to accept the Governor's figures. Even some of the leading Republi- can lawmakers have ques- tioned his revenue projec- tions. Bills, Bills, Bills While waiting for their own budget figures, the legislators needn't be idle. They have plenty of other matters to keep them occupied, including such priority subjects as the energy crunch. But exclusive of priority legislation, there already were 247 bills in the House Rules Committee when the Legis- lature convened, and more have been sent there since, each to await a place on the calendar for action. More than half of them probably still will be waiting when the Legisla- ture adjourns, but it is probable that at least 100 of them will be acted upon. The Senate didn't have any bills in its Rules Committee to start with when it convened. It had sent all of its measures back to their committees of origin But there are more than 50 in Rules by now. have been chosen to partici- insisting all along that all the the draft copy of the Wahluke pate in the All-State Band and slope Multiple Land Use the All-State chorus in Development report with Yakima. Mike Stansbury, project en- Those chosen, from Othello gineer, with the consulting are Phyllis Hays, baritone six firm of CH2M who are in the band; and Ginger conducting the study at the Toskey, Jackie Beebe, Zelma PUD's request. Powers, Doreen Hoehn Presents: Friday and Saturday Notice of O The annual meeting of Community Sav- ings & Loan Association will be held at Community Savings & Loan, 700 N. Mis- sion St., Wenatchee, Washington at |0:00 A.M. Friday, January 18, 1974. @ Wenatehee 7th & Mission " Branches in Moses Lake -- Ellenslmrg -- Othello and soon in Spokane I I I 488:2704 Othello Chamber Of Commerce FARM FORUM Tuesday January 22, 1974 Freddies Restaurant 9:10 9:40 Welcome Address - Richard Jackson, President of Othello Chamber of Commerce. Use of Pesticides and Pestidde Control- Clarke Brown, representing the Department of Agriculture, Regulatory Potato Market Outlook- ttenry Michael, Washington Potato Commission. 10:15 Coffee break 10:30 Alfalfa Seed Production and Market Outlook- Joe Counsil, Northrup King Co. men ~velo~ 11:10 ttay Marketing and Outlook - Ken Jacobson, Anderson I-ta ;er? and Grain. : Co n, ]sed i 12.00 Lunch - Compliments of Sponsors. tea ol i is kota 1.00 Beef Market Outlook - John Tara, Partner wtth Para Bros. bee ce I~ 1:30 Sugar Beet Outlook - Russ Baldridge, President, Beet Grower re' . Assn.. , 2.00 Bean Market Outlook - Fenton Hirschi, Empire Seed Co. 2:30 Using Commodity Futures As A Guide to Farm Marketing- Glen D. Williams, Commodity Futures, Merrill, Lynch, and Bean, Inc. DINNER COURTESY OF THE FOLLOWING SPUN: Briggs Farm Service Basin Tire Center Magoteaux's Men Shop Evergreen Implement Co. Bio Pure Irrigation Service New Holland - Othello Harvest Fresh Produce Inc. Hostetter Ford Sales Inc. Northrup King & Co. Carl Klingeman Columbia Basin Lockwood Corp. Empire Seed Co. Old National Bank Farwest Foods Corp. Peoples National Columbia Ready-Mix Concrete Sargent Pump and Irrigation Inc. Sargent Manufacturing Inc. - Rain Cat