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The Othello Outlook
Othello, Washington
February 29, 1952     The Othello Outlook
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February 29, 1952
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i ~R~AY. February 29, 1952 OTHELLO, WASHINGTON--IN THE HEART OF THE COLUMBIA BASIN VOLUME 6, NtFMBER 9 Othello received an oppor- tu;,,itv ta taste :he hitter wit*h the sweet tilts week as it be- came fairly certain that the much discussed sugar beet re- gincr:v was cte:~tintin.< lhe Othtllo JC':v. The Junior Chamber of Commerce is furnishing trans- pro'fatten to and from lhe city hall on March 11. Anyone who wanls a ride call a64 l and the Jr. Chamber will dispatch a car free of charge. TOWN MEET CALLED A regular old time Town asses e O~, hello's compulsory gar- bage collection service is sched- uled to go into operation this Saturday, March 1. The garbage collection ser- vice for Othello residents and businessmen has been in pro- cess for sometime but has fin- ally emerged from the Town Council after much redrafting ground to allow air and light under the rack." The only detail still in the process of "ironing out" is the schedule of pick-up, The col- lection of city refuse will be done by districts; that is, cer- tain sections of Othello will Meeting has been called for and altering by the town's will be published in the next Afftcr ~ ~:. resH~!;(,> ,\ :s ' garbage committee, issue of the Outlook. ~d end7 Delegation Travels Friday. March 7 by a group of This long awaited service GARBAGE RATES council ,,v(.,:~ ~m to i s r(,:-, lar Wednesday morning a dele- interested citizens, came into a tangible beginning Rates for refuse service aremeeting. '" ga,tion of Chamber members The purpose of the meeting back in September of 1951 as follows: Accordi: ~* ~) l~w, the, o'-di- President Harley Dirks, seere- is to give candidates running when an ordinance was adopt- Once a week residential and tary Paul Bonnell and Clayton for office in the forthcoming .ed by lhe Town Council. Bids commercial service. $1.60 per nanee mus: "b,, read and voted Michel. Othello rancher, all city elections to be held March were called for by the council month, upon by the council ihree left by auto to make a personal11 a chance to state their plat- and five eontraet()rs submittedThree times a week eommer- and bids cnlled on the pro- contact, rted back forms, estimates t~ the city. Jack cial service, $4.50 per mont.h,ject The fhst reading of the , The group re.po Someone will be on hand to Bracken of Othello was accept- Six times a week eommer- ordinance carried three to Wednesday evening after the e~plain and answer questions ed as low bidder for the con- cial service, $6.65 per month, two through the city council. rus;hing trip to the central par~ on the school bond and millagetract at that time. These rates are per unit ~, Those councilmen on the af- of the state wilh rather longissue whie,h will also be voted The garbage committee and price. Extra trash, etc., (not in firmalive stand were Barrett. faces It seems the Utah and upon on the same ballot, the council have been expend- cans) is hauled away at an ex- Para and Dirks. The Negative Idaho Sugar company has threeAll candidates who intend ing considerable work and Ira fee to the resident. Theside ~as MeCourtie and Wil- sites in mind. non of them into run in this election are ex- thought on reaching a work- fee for this is set by the con- son. Othello tended an invitation to come able plan and agreement on tractor and the garbage super- There n~ust be two more Maybe Warden to the "Town Meeting and the difficult task of trying to intendent of the town of Oth- readings and votes upon the According to the gentleman climb on the soap .box. This in- satisfy city, contractor and clio. petition. the threesome interviewed, eludes all who have intentions residents. " In the case of motels, apart- The council heard corn- Mr. Paul Seally. manager of of running on a sticker ticket The contract was approved ment houses, trailer courts, plaints about dogs being a the Washington division of the etc. ' and signed and is due to go in-et~.. where each unit has its ffuisance a" aund O~,Sello and Company, the site would most The meeting will be held in to effect March 1. own cooking facilities, the zalked of the enforcement of According to contractor Jack motel or apartment or trailerthe dog tax. larobably be at one of three lo- the Milwaukee Women's club Bracken, the pick-ups will becourt then is obligated to pay ea~inS'site could be at West at 8:00 p.m. ~~TO made in the alley behind the a residential rate for each of SCHOOL-~T-~ND ~:Warden, just a few miles to the residence, and all cans must be these units. Payment is made NEEDS TO BE TOLD >'~lvestw.ard of the town proper, placed withirt ten feet of the ~ the owner of the c~ablish-., or at Wheeler or a third Si~ alley. " fiient for the total units and: :~:A mee~:w,il~ beheld M0n~~ clay at 1 :~0 p.m. in the Othell6 has been located at Rittell ju Mayor Clyde Matthews not :by :the 'individual gymnasium. This meet- 6 miles from Warden to the START DRIVE pointedout this week that pants of the units, ingwillbe under the direction North . cans ,are to be ofr~gula~ion A can large enough to ae- of Dr. Zeno B. Katterle. The Othello group went pre- size, not to exceed 32 gallon commodate garbage for th~ l~ared, to glive the company capacity, and must have tight unit for one week must be a- Dr. Katterle is the professor :a 36-acre tract on Crab Creek fitting rodent and odor proof callable for each unit. of Education at WSC. At this time he will give a projected ~tst of Othello. The site chosen The Othello 1952 Red Cross lids. " When the ordinance goes in- view of the nee,d~ of the local ~ould a~ovd excellent dram- drive will begin on March 5. Matthews went on to say to effect on Saturday it will of waste water and pro- according to l~al drive chair- that it is ~o be noted lha.t thesebe illegal for anyone in Othel- school system for tbe next ten for a source of commer- man Vivian Drake cans must be placed on a rack lo to haul garbage or refuse years. eial water from the Potholes Mrs. Doris B~auer. Adams so that they are off the ground, on any street or alley in the:. This projected view will be :reservoir The location also pro- county Red Cross chairman "This is a precaution a~ix~t Town limits, and it will also be demonstrated through the use Vided for a railroad division.and B~b Templin of RiCzvillerodents," he said. "There must illegal for any resident to burn of charts and maps. Point for ~he shipping of fin- were ~in Othello Th:~y_ be ample clearance from the or bury any garbage. Dr. Katterle represents the l~led sugar, v,,i,t:h ~all the details. O~ellos Kellogg Foundation, whose The spokesman for the sugar quota for ~;is ye~ is $400. PTA HOLDS PANEL CHAMBER FUN NIGHT project in Washington is de- then proceeded to ~e twelve workers ~have The Othello P-TA meeting The Othello Chan~ber of tailed survey of school plan' Othello's whitecloud , sclecte~l tfor %he drive 'held Tuesday evening in the Commerce Fun Night is al- ning. of holes whi~ch Will ,be efifccl~ ~hrough school was the scene of an :in- most ~in the last stages of com, The public is invited and 300 Employees a ~house to ho~ase campa~gn~ teresting panel discussion The pletion. Committees for the urged to attend. Yes, very true thatCrab The following workers will topic for the evening was the various booths and events have WED IN COEUR D$dLENE Creek would furnish excellent meet at Louise's Cafe prior to "Responsibility to the Child"been appointed for the even- _~as~e water drainage, and that the first day's roundup of Serving on the panel and ing. Dick Donlev and Miss Da,r- t)thello would try to aecomo-funds., representing t~he responsibility The big night will be held .lene Ru~.,~e,- s',.o e a ma,,-:h m ad~e the 300 peak production Mrs. Herman Krupa, Mrs. of the church, parents and thein the Bureau of Reclamation their manyfriends ,~ weok ae) ~e~ployees, and the ground of .... Jerry Roth, Mrs. Morisette, teachers and to the pre ,school warehouse and will boast co- red has an existing domestic Mrs Loraine Hodson. Mrs. C.E.child, were Mr. Byrd, Mr. Ste- erything from hamburgers to and were married in Coet~r d'Alene, Idaho M,r. Dan:ley is _~a~er well on the property Thomas, Mrs Bob MeCourtie. man, Mr. Kendall," Mrs. Louisgolf. all very well, but ~- . Mrs M. A. Terry. Mrs. Eldon Stewart. Mrs. T. Grow and Mrs. Prizes are being furnished employed b~e thn 'Milw,aukee The Othello site was too Ennis, Mrs. Paul Bonnell, Mrs. John Para. by local merchants raih'oad. Mr .... Donley will con- ~rall The company only fig- Dicie Kauffman, Mrs. John The moderator for the dis- The chamber has offered .~inue ,o ho~:l he~ pa~ition with _res they need not less ~han Cameran and Mrs. Crawborne. cussion was Jack Bracken. the students of the Othello the Mo:'ninz S,un dairy ,'~ 1200 to 1300 acres of groundThe national quota is $85, Hostesses for the evening schools $25 for postei'sto boost Moses T'~e young couple mr a plant. They can't use 000.000. The County quota iswere Mrs. ohnston and Mrs. T.the event. ~ater from Potholes reservoir $7445. Ritzville s quota is Booker. ~__ will make their home in Oth- ~at~ause of certain minerals$2606 and Lind's is $894. Oth- "~ ington Water Power artists inello. aUgar~'hieh nroductionaren't gOOdandasthefarotheraS ello's amour, t represents 5~V, ~ ~ w , Spokane. IA--'-N---~~ ~ites a~'e further up the Basin, of the total asked for in the I.[l~ll~[~fiP ['iPfIP.[lllP~ Wednesday Eiehner, Lewis and GLOR~--~TED ~aeaking of Wheeler) where county. " .......... '~'~" Newman brought the com- Mrs. Cnrinne Mi.-~ha~ cntev- ,~et production will hR i,'~s Of the to~l amount o~ vao~- '~oa~,', ~1~1-~ pleted printing plates to Oth- rained ~ a hmchein Saturday ~igh as much as a year to three ey given, 72 percent of ~hc A~OO.AO latllllpll;Utlll e,llo to turn them over to the ~honoving Mrs Glori,an Roloff ~funds stay in Adams county 1 Ohamber of Commerce The ~ears before the Othello (Royal Ear y m the summer of 1951 ........... ~.....,,,,~. , ~..~ on her ~irthdav. il~e and 28 percer~t goesto th~ a ~ro .... ~, ,~,~,~ ,,~,~ *.ho W~, --~*., ~--v ....... v ......... ........................... " r f Guests inclu~ted Mrs. Jean- ar~l~)e'r locations are un- National Red Cross. in-t ....... turned over to the Chambe o ,g on w~xer rower t:o. "z'on~r, ....... + .... ~,=a,~ ana etta Stromme. Mrs. Edith Pes- ,~er careful consideration at CLOSIN~ ............................... i *e~ Newman an- "" Ton " nave me ~omers pr m ~. sein, Mrs. Patsy Crni~, Mrs. Lms time, but n.ot the local a ttam~ ~ t.r, ven " t he rt ARE ANNOUNCED In r" , Thls ges ure on t pa of Helen ,Snowal'tcc, Mrs. Lor, dust lal Secretary of the Spo- ~xrw~rt~ "utthe fort,hcomina t'~he Othello Chamber of The holidays on which Oth- kane Chamber of Commeree.-_~lFS*,~a.~lP "h "" " rai ne Miche!. Mrs. Ga'fl Para, i " over ~e Ilnanclal ~Ommerce is undaunted over ello merchants will close their met w th a number of Intercedese folders will be Mrs. Wiima I,.r~v and Mrs. ~e sad news. after all. someone doors have been set ,by the ed O't~hello people to lay ~tl~a~\~,~,,. ~-'on .... riti"~" ~" +h'- Bernioe 5,~'atthewsl , ay want to start a tractor and newly formed Merchants Corn-' i " ' '~ ~ =' ~ ...... ~ "" ~ ~ base plans for an mdus~tal "h'~"~-'~r ~r i'~""~'~i"n "n ~inoc~fle ~,~'as played after ~Plement factory or the likemittee of the Othello Chan~ber 'bro~hu-~~,- ,*--- *-, .~' ...... * ............ m~ ,~ ~,, ~ .... ,,wn ~,~ ,' ....... the lu~c'heo.~ M~. M",%e, ws here some day and they will of Commerce. Othello me umeuo area. ,~gain stepto-the-fore and oroud- The days are Memorial Day, The ideas were compiled at ~ won hi~5 prize, Mrs. Pesse,i.~ second ~nd M~:s. Terry b~by, l~.aeelaim. "Othello has Every- Fourth of July, I.~bor Day, this and several other meetings ..... Thanksgiving, Christmas and through the summer and fall . *_v*~" .. g~pg" (except a sugar refine- MrS. ~olof:/ received n~any ..~___. , New Year's Day. and turned over to the Wash- ~a,~.A~.l t~ gia'~ts.