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The Othello Outlook
Othello, Washington
September 19, 1952     The Othello Outlook
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September 19, 1952
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Queen Janice Will Reign Vol. 6 -- No. 38 OTHELLO. WASHINE~TON--IN THE HEART OF THE COLUMBIA BASIN Friday, Sepfembar 19, "52 Over Rodeo The Othello Rodeo will a- OTHELLO PLUMBING AWARI~D CONTRACTS The Othello ~lu~bing and Heating company has ,~een .a- warded two contva~ts ~or 1,'ay- ing a total of 82~0 ~feet of wa- ter mains, one ,for the town of Warden calling for The laying of 2850 feet. and the ~er in the Flower ~Hill addition call- ing for the d~ggir~g, layin~g ~nd Dactffillir~g of 5400 ~eet. gain be presided over ,oy" e queen and her. couP. rrhe queen is Miss J,anice One of ,t~e biggest events ICanenwisher and 'her four Gi BldW dn d Conservationists _o = i]ovely princesses will 'be Lil- Ve 00 8 ~S ag day is the Othello ,Rodeo 3inn Oppli~er, Mary M, ayeda, - which is scheduled to start, to. ~aron Tennyhill and Diane "l~heAmerican ~tect Cross morrow, S~urday. Powers. The Air Force inst~la, ion Bloodmobile will 'be in Oth- m t'spec" Farms This year each of the, girls at Othello has irmdverta~ly e]lo at the Othello Air Force A kiek-o~ parade has beam was sponsored by a chub Irom gone ,into the ~arrning Imsin- base Wednesday, September organized. Anyone ~o wish- Othello, and the girls vied for ~ss - with mixed resuRs. Rus- 24, ~or those who wish to do- es to participate may do so by being at the k:ity park at ~he honor of q~een only sian thi~le and ,rye planted nate blood for the service .throt~g~ ticket sales of the or- to keep ~e dust tmd~r con- n~en overseas. The regular monthly meet- 10 a~n. 6a~twday~ genizations w~ich notminated trol and give the base a "cul- The Mrs. J. Cees ,is sponsor- ing of the Othello Soil Con- Local mer~ants, bands, hot them. tie.ted" ,look has produced it~g the recz~,ting of doners, servation district was held ses, fire trucks. Camp leire Queen Janice who is re't~- ~the d~sired result,, bUt rextlls- They have a booth in the lob- last Ttmsday, September ,16 in girls ~vtd ~oy St~0uts ~-~ ell ing for her second conseoutlve es to stop ~xrwin~. ~1~Iow ~that by of the post office and are the Soil Conservation office joivAng to make the parade year (she was elected by POP- it is getting so high as ~o need registering volunteers today on First street. . t~gest seen in ~is town. ular vote at 'last year's rodeo) h~rvestir~g, it h~s proved dff- and tomorrow. County Extension Agent ediately following the was spansored the Othello ~icul~ to ~nd a ~L,~ner in the A Bus will 'leave the post Bob Martin of Ritzville intro- parade there will be a foot- C~muber of Comme~e. M~ary area with ,both the equipment office every hour on the hour duced the prm~ipai speakers ball ~ ~ween ~e Oth- Mayeda was sponsor~ by the ~nd the .thue ~o "h~rvest" it Wednesday to .transport don- for the evening, the ~irst be- ello high school end the Mos- Kiwanis club, Diane Powers and h~ul ~t a~vay, ers to the 'base. " ing Dave Bassett, who will be es Lake ~ schoo~ on the ~oy ~e Junior Ch~xnl~ of Therefore, ~f ~ny of you a- - the Othello repr~-,er~tative for local wridiron. Tw--o Businesses = to Commerce, Li~an Oppliger left Outlook ,readers can oefer vice. The serv~oe is a joint stm-t at ,H ann. ,by the Othello Air Force basea solution, here is w(h,~t ~e program on the part of the The .Rodeo per/ornmn~ nd Sharon TennyhiH ,by the sqtmdron ~ozn~_nder ttr~'ent- .Extension service and the will ~ommenee at 2 p.m. The American Legion end Legion ly request: Someone to mow Bureau of ~,ation ~o aid show promises i~hmty of spills Auxiliary of ~ Henry the 15 acres involved, haul a- ball-1] U ~=~fl ST~0u-e the settler in ~he layout of his end ~hrills for all the 'cow. Post 219. way the harvest, and replant pen irri~tion systems, po~es" and spectators alike. The queen's court ~ill also ~e area in crested w~tea~. include ,girls ~rom surround Any or all bids ,for this pro- Orle~. ~c~memaker, repres- . There are over l~10 profes- ~g ~ ~rho will serve as ject may be subleted ~) Lt. entative of the ~ureau of 'Re-siona~y tr~ned bu~king hors- Stanley Leake, 637th AC&W Two more businesses will clama~ioa~ ~-om ~p~rata, out- es and v0deo ca~tle to ~ the queen,attendants to the Othello squadron, phone 3601. step into the limelight Sept- lined p~ans existiwg ~or a do-skills of the ~est of the ,c~w- Harley Dirks, owner of M you, yourse~ would not ember 26 at~d 27 whon the mestic water aupply or each hands ~ they spur their 'Sun Harley's Ciothir~g, h~s clonat- be .interested in earning extra Kenfield hardware nod the ~arm unit. ~ Columbia has- dmncers' ~wm~l the prize ed five white ~western style ~'ash this way, please pass the new Othello F~vnRure tom- in is the onl~ project in the purse o~ered the winner. ~h~ts to the @irls. information along to someone ,pan~ will hold their grand o-sta~e to have ~comp],ete plansSaturday evenir=g ~vi'll see j~y~ ~--~-~----~ v~o can do ehe j~b. , pemng eelelbratior~ for wells, pipelines and the the Othello Vol~nteer Fire- " The new building ~rhier the incorporation ~f' their users., men doing the honors with ,=~o,, New6 -roup two ~usinesses will occupy is ~ccordingto Tonnem~ker. 'their --u~l .~,,odeo dance. He stressed the point that The .r~usic ~ be ~rnL~hed The Othello Junior C~am- on the corner of First ~ although these plans exist, itby Ltt~e D~uielson'~ Cv~b bar of Commerce g~ve a re- Hendo~k. reception for school teachers Each business will have a~ is entirely up to each settler C~ k Four" in the Mulligan ~nd their wives and husbandsat the Mil,~aukee Women's Will F0m prxima'tely 4~00 square feetwhether r nthe agrees t building" club ~ursday evenlr~, of ~'1oor space and new ~2x- use them. If he does, however~ J~tv~-,ees wLll s~onsor tures throu~out, the bureau ,insists upon incor- Fun Nights both Saturday ~~N The Kenfield Hardw~e is poratiag on 4~he part of the and SU~:~y ;in the city park. TO ROKD CONVENTION el~he Othello~ Crem~ber of moving from its old location members to avoid friction o- ~'S Rodeo perform Conmwrce has ~ ~elt the on west t~dn street ~o ~ ver use of water rights~ ance will ~eature a special at- A delegation is leavir~g to- need ~or an organization ~ corner ha'Lf o4 the new uild- Extension ~ . Manege- ~r, action of trick riding by day 0 attend the state Good coordirmte the: activities of i~.,~=-h ~ev -st_0c, k~m~ ~ rmmt Special~-.Arthur ~te M~r~ar-=t-~'N~ and Ida Roads ~~o,,in~. ~e .various groups in Othello,added to the irrns inv( ~tory f~avea detailed chalk talk onMay ~mith, two" 14-year-old ~he ~ommittee ~hich is go- to prevewt duplication of pro-for the openin in the m ~ Iv- farmstead arrangement and girls ~ho have ~erformed ~t ing from the Othello Cha.m- jeers and eosdlicts on dates of cation, what to +.ake" into considera' rodeos in Highland. Ell~ns- tfon when pl~wning - buildingb~hr~, Yakin~ Quincy and ~fberE.fK.CmmerCeReynolds, ,iSjohnCOmposedj. Pa- events. The Othello Furniture corn- locations, on the farm. He also Ch~lan, , It is to ,this end th, at the party is filliztg a gap in the ~ ~l~he Othello Plun~bi-.~ snd ra, Paul ,Bonnell, Grant Venn Chamber is working with the of businesses in Othello. Geo showed the group of farmers end ttarley Dirks. formation of a ~roup or sap-. rge F~iner, owner of the present slides exempitfying HeaU~ ~om~anv ~s donating arate lu, b made up of the new store has expressed the faulty arrangement, a silver ~belt buckle to the presidents of all oz~paniz~tions *hove that all of ris new stock Jeanne Henderson, County best ~all-rou~tl cowboy of the E~tension Agent, gave a' brief~o-day ~hOw. in Othello. will arrive ,before the open- chalk talk on the arrange p,~ A meeting ,has been set ~or date. ment o4 rooms within the October 9. Thursday, at 8 p.m.TEAM- TO MEE'P MOSES farm home, pointing out how MEETING OF YE~_R in ~he city hall. LAKE SATURDAY they differ from the city The Othello schools P-T~_ All presidents or group 'lead home. ers of any organization- chur- The local high school grid- Tour Local Farms ch, school, umon or service- stets wLll have their first are invited and should ~eel crash of the season on the lo-The day previous .to the free to. attend this ffirst "Pres- cal football field Satttrday meeting was spent by Martin, iden,ts C'l~b" organizational z~hornir~g ,at lq o'clock whenTonnem~ker, Cagle and Hen- meeting, they meet the Moses I.~ake derso~ on a tour of five loq"al team. farm units. The four volun- The starters who will be ~eered on the spot in.form~- trying to drive ~Dack the Lak-lion and help in planning t,he ers will be Fritz Kli~hardt, ffarmstead arrangement. Ad- center: Larry Gano and Geo- vmetype :n~toc~ati~n~indbreakS'weregiven'their will hold the .first meetin~ of ~he ~ehool~ ygar ~n Tuesdav, Septe~nber 23 ,a,t 8 p.m. at the school. An interesti~ p~n has ~bcen planned. All parents ~nd interested persons are urged to ~ttend. TEAM TO SCOUT ODESSA-~ STATE PA'r~OL TO WASHTUCNA GRID MEET ]Vfembers of the Othello TALK TO STUDENTS ootball team wilt.:go scoutirtg Monday mornin,g ~t 1i a.m. ~heir opponents this evening t21e~ Washington state patrol rge Leighton, guards: Farrell when they drive to Odessa to will have an officer at the Stephens ,and Harold Beebe to the farmers. five local ~arrns ~hicl~ watch the ~game between the Othello schools to give a talkin the end soots: Rex Kin.~ wer~hee visited were t~ Alec~ THU~RSEYAY 81 49 -- Odessa .and Washttuma sch- on the school rbOy ~atroI pro-end Jerry Showalter. hal,~ vols. The team will leave ,by H,ampton, YYank IV[tiler, . ~eed ~uto frora the school at 4:30 g~atm which was inaugurated backs; and Jack ,~Vballigan, FI~H)AY 76 54 here last year. qu~arterback.. A~kinson, Art Nichols ~nd: SATUt~D~kY 75 35 -- p.m. The patrol will 'be made up According to Coach Thorn~ W~lter Danielson pla~s,. SITNT)AY 79 35 -- this year of five boys from Waldo, tre team looks to b~ ~ ~ M~NDAY 85 40 -- % Give Blood Wedrm~day- the fifth grade and 2ire boys very *good for this early in Give Blood Wed=noddy- TUESDAY 88 44 -- from the sixtr grade, the season. WEDNESf),A_Y 91 48 -- WEEK ENDING SEPT. I7 In the interest of better ment. come. Durir~g this com~rtg Venn pointed out that the Stone, Mr. M~all't~an, ~nd Mr. .schools, the Outlook will pub- The motion, made hy F_.d y~m', ~he actttal present con-state-wide referendum to be Hellead. The Educational Pro lish the minutes of "eli meet- ~rnzT and seconded ~oy Ray. struction will be n~arrowed "to on November's ballot, which .gram comrn{tee at present ings of the CRizens' AdvisorY Blazer, to have~ the minutes consists of ~MtS. N~ble, Mrs. council to the Othello school of each meeting p~blished in ~it the immediate needs and will ezmble school districts to Para, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. board. ~he Othello Outlook was car- the purse Of t~e school dis- vote for incr~eased bonding Stelt~ t~arrett. The Finance lV~embers of the council ,are ried unanimously. ~.rict, but with expansion al-should they so desire, wil~ committee has Mr. Lochmiller ~Irs. Ruth No~le~ ~gt. Perry "Mr. Tom~ Booker rvpgrted ways in mind. The drawings greatly Rid our prospects for ~and E~gt. ,Bishop as ~nembers, Bishop, .My. Jack Mulligan, ~he ,action of the school board should be ready ~or bid in Suture school expansion, and he School Elections corn- Mrs. Bl,~nche )Stone; ~Ird. Gla- ~vhich took place ~ollowing February. ' WI~:, Booker ex~phined the ,mittee is composed ~f Mr. dys 'Para, Mr. Eldon Ennis, ~he recom, mendations of the ,, Mr. Venn reported on the boar~is decision ~o seti. to the Ness and ~ev. ~Blazer. It was Council at its special meetingm~mies available or Othello'sBureau ~ piece of school prop re-emphasized that these ~om MrS.warner,RUssellRev.'Smith,clarenceDr. Bla~lerGlenn last week. First, that ~he sc~- building phns, an outlipe of ez:ty eonsisUng of 1.Y acres mitteeS zre ~itl ouen or mere 'Oh-. John Ness, Mrs. Clara Go- ool levy to be, on. No.ember swhich i~r.bhis: "ghe district is w~ich is at presen~ prohbit- bars. hip to ~he interested pu!b- ~)Mlot will 'be the same as .ii~ ~at presen~ ztlowed to bond uping a new ,farmec ~rom devel- . don, Mr. Reed AtkinSO~h~, Sam Bates, Mr. Carl-Loc "'- previous years, namely, a to 5% ,of its assessed evalua-oping his unit. In return for There ~a!!lowed a dist~ssion lee, Mr. ~kiw~vd Emry and special levy of ten miils for ~mn, which will 10rovide 83 this, the Bureau has promised )intin~ O1 th~ 3" real ~r. C. 0E. H~eacl. _operations,-~nd twenty or a thousand dollars. We ,have on ~o dedicate ~d for school ~ed f~ trk m within b J ding nd. ~rl~e.f