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The Othello Outlook
Othello, Washington
October 31, 1974     The Othello Outlook
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October 31, 1974
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:i/} F) : Church THE OTHELLO OUTLOOK - Page 9 rresuy,er,an Ceremony o,,.,o, Unites Sandra Hunt, Seattle Man nd Offic 'Visits 'Yesteryear' o,, o .oaoo oaoOe ,,. Draw Local OES Me mbe[oThemeTown, Fetes Jessie M. Plant three day visit, gown trimmed in satin was Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hunt. lavender and pink pew bows 498-2935 *********** worn by Sahara Hunt for her The bridegroom is the son of decorated the aisle down rather,, ,re all out of ideas Full Day--Hot Play Oct. lCJ wedding to Gregory Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall, which the bride was escorted pep on this bleak, And a morning at Expo for Grand officers of the Bent ey, ' ; " Marshall. Seattle. by her father. Order of Eastern Star have Watson, organist; Edith rain but not-quite-- three local couples, with a An altar centerpiece and The bridal gown was made recent official visita- Pauley, Ada; Junia Preusch- Lanterns, boots, saddles, Monday afternoon-matinee performance of theThe double ring ceremony footed candelabra holding designed with appliqued ruf- tions to area chapters in the off, Ruth; Dr, J. Patte~on wagon wheels, records and took to our files- play, "Don Juan in Hell" aat First Presbyterian Church arrangements of pink and fled lace on the fitted bodice past weeks. Booker,, Esther; Wilma Ha- other items of yesteryear stuffed full drawer-- pleasing addition, was wnhanced" by a lavender lax ender daisies, lavender and ruffled hemline of the Ritzville Zenith Chapter 55 dell, Elects, and Nelda Men- carried the country western And found one, Enjoying the play in the and pink color scheme andgladioli and blue daisies gathered skirt. Double sheer met with Odessa chapter 233 ser, Warder. theme for the Oct. 26 party of ~ay for "just theOpera House were the Del was performed by the Roy.formed a ba(.kground for the long sleeves were gathered to for the official visitation of Evan Booker protemed for the Town and Country Dance Lampes, Louis Rickmans andGlen ttutchison. " douhle ring ceremony and la(@edged satin cuffs and her worthy grand matron, Alex- Ralph Doree, sentinal, and Club. eieetion time, 1974, Wayne Baehtolds. Cast in " Camelot mantilla was caught andra Schencking, Everett, Joan Beckman for Frn Duroc, The dance, held in the this one. The little starring roles were Ricardo to a headpiece trimmed inof the Grand (Jhapter of Martha. IOOF ttall, was attended by ads "During the Montabalm and Myrna Lay. r - Chantilly lace. She carried a Washington. Also attending from 38 couples, with music pro- s, Indiana law The day was completed bouquet of pink roses with Attending from Othello Othello was Dorothy Nygren. vided by Casey of Moses ~t women, crimin- with supper at the Ramada miniature Elegence lavender were George Danielson, as-In attendance at a 25th Lake. .~ and idiots' were Inn before returning home. (.arnations, in colonial styling, sistant grand patron, and his vnniversary celebration of General chairmen for the -~ privilege of vat- ************ Mrs. Gerald Shrope, Ta- Wife and official escort, Silver Sage Chapter 244, fall event were Louis and el, however, were Mostly Work coma. was matron of honor. Burmah Danielson. Moses Lake, at which Mrs.Joyee Rickman. They were to pay taxes and And in a more serious vein, tter empire waisted gown of Mrs. Schenckings officialS('hencking made an official assisted by committee mem- resp(,nsibilities". Del Lampe spent a recent pink and lavender floral print visitation to Lind'sMargaret visit, w(~re Edna Coffman, bers, Wayne and Dorothy earle a long way, week in Seattle.. Where he featured puffed sleeves and Wadsworth Chapter 225 and Edith t auley, Catherine Montague, Kirby and Gwen out and castattended aschoolonDiamond s(,oop neckline. Her colonial Othello Chapter 234 was Bray, Mary Kelly, Caroline Billington, Dutch and Pat way you see appraisal, put on by the styled nosegay was of pink preceded by a potluck dinner Milier and George and Goodwin, Jack and Boa Gemilogical Institute of (kiisies, pink "Elegence Car- in Lind. Othello chapter Burnaah Danielson. . .. .Averett and Earl and Joan America... nationsand deep purple members participated in theA reception was nolo inWill. qati('e. _ . evening's ceremonies and Ephrata for Eunis('e Gaston, A midnight .supper was Colo., home Los and Sylvia Farewell Held Susan tlunt and Kathy furnished dessert followin~ assistant grandmatron, with catered bySt. Ann's Guild. Mar.;hall cuupie s sisters" " • ~" ~" 'lil' "grind"officers in atten- Evemng's guests were Bob Iris mother, Mrs. ~ ~ tan. - ' . .' the meeting,. , _ , . • - . ~(,rl, bridesmaids.Thew Local officers attendinedan(' and Jean Krug, with the o o vW uy t ase ~,,,,,,~ mat('hed that of the were Edna Coffman worthy From Othello chapter were Harvey Yagers. at Winf'rey ~_ , . , matt;on of honor and they matron; George D'anielson~, Edna Coffman, John and New club members are Bill carried lavender dmsy and worthy natron" E sic MeFar- Catherine Bray Pete and and Rose Jones, Joe and Weekend of her Steak supper ann a chain- . .... ) . dH,ppurph, statwe bouquets, land assistant matron- Edith taulev, Mary Kelly;Joyce Selzler, John and it. 20 were thepagne cocktail hour at the '~hildren Valerie Hallmark Inn, Moses Lake, I)vhbie Favaro was candle- Richard Yost assistant nat'- Elsie M('Farland, Caroline Dorothy Magoteaux, Dutch if Portland Ore • was recently given by Othello - i :; li,4hter, ran" Catherine Bray see- Mi er and George and Bur-and Pat Goodwin and Dan s. Steve Imsland" Radar Wives Club in a ~'~: Standing as best man was rotary- Mary Kelly 'treas-mah Danielsim. and Shirley Dover. ly, and Cliff of farewell to Mrs. Don Frick .... :: lli~.k Syverson, Seattle.urer;"Caroline Miller, con- ' son, wife of the former Radar of the bride and A.~ ..... ~ ..... h r~an~l~.., I) m ttunt md Rogeru,~ ........................ Y atherin whichBase commander. ' ' ~ * associate conductress; Veta ~ ........ g g • Marshall. ushered guests.Fraser eha" a n' Glad" s ~ ~ ! A v A IAI A ~O' _~ lcluded'heir guest'Sa specia85th stationedThe ErlcksonSin Blaine. are now .... iiiiii}ii~ t',-,widing special wedding ' P ' Y 1~ ,~ I=P,! t, ~ ~Y~ | ~. nlete with cake Mrs. Erickson was pro- :iii~ music was Carol Holmes, hi / r / I NOW "i iole works'" seated with an overlay glass :~iill x.ralist, and Mrs. Paul Bar- rleaoes rotes cue .. .- - .-. nfrey has "beenpitcher for remembrance and k,,,'. ,,,'ganist. O ~ ~ ~ IlI'~IL ;4~' " during her stayMrs. Tom Blanford, outgoing A reception followed in the ~, ~4~ ~1~1 ~ J['~L~:IU[~, 1L, : hrough the C0un-club president, recieved a : I"ireside Room of the church. Uy UI~/U OIIll ~ _ ~ _ ot _ : to Yakima where silver plate as a group gift. : The three-tiered wedding ~ ~ ~'ql~t~ ~I[~ i Sylvia's parents' Seventeen couples were in : ,'ake. decorated with laven- Prospective pledges to ~ ~,,w,~,~,,~,~ : 'lends also forattendance at the party, ,h,v ,'o~es against white icing, Delta .Upsilon,. chapter of /~~ E~'~l~L~l~,~m "~d~ ! :lta. ' • arranged by Mrs. Blanford. ! ,,a~ made by Mrs. Danny Beta S~gma Phi were guests ~,~,f~ ~,IIlLE l~lL, l~]L~ ! : Ih,,r'm~ " at a preferential Tea held ~ ~ -i ~- .... : '**'*"** ~ [ ,~'t,t ti,;g cake were Mrs. DonOCt" 22Rodatersthe home of Mrs. ~ IOr.~ .,~U[~.~.... " e Booties ~ ~.Va~ne Montague and Mrs. g • Ill ~ ~*'~., ; ).rand the first[,'~fl~T'l[~~l~ ~ F n;I Will Mrs Hans HolmThose honored were Mrs. ~ ~!1~I~ ₯I['~1~O$~W i the m, ss II J.IN. • lfJ. ith lhe arr va of , t I.,ured coffee and Mrs. Jay Blanchard, Mrs. William k~ff~l~ L,at~iL1~l~ &~A ll, lL~,a,|: t'tarence Kummer attendedRose, Mrs. Frank Palmiero.~: ndon Boyd. born MARCI.IM, (beryl. Othello ~ Ih(, liun('hbowl. Diane Ervin Mrs. Wesley Hallquist and ~ ,.._ : )Y parents are I)r. girl, 6 Ibs.. 13b~ ozs, Oct:.14. ~ k~ t the ,,test book and Mrs Mrs Dick Norris. Unable to ~ o~:. ~ : ~| ~ " • ' . oo , C.C. Bard of FIr('ttS. Mr. and Mrs. ~ 1 ' "rv Bray arraneed the eift attned was Mrs. Milan Heath. ~' ~ ~ . • S ~ ' ~ . -, ,, c~ . • . Robert, Othello, b(,v, 8 Ib ............ ~: t,bh' Assisting Mrs. Rodgers ~ "~.~i]~\Nk ~~ . I~ boy weighed 1~ ., ozs.. art. 21. ~fs~ '~ Folh)wing the reception at with tea arrangements were ~ ~','~.M J .... ~.~I~IN : ~(Is, 14 oun('(,s at ('()R()NAI)O, Mr. and Mrs. MR *~" ............. , .... A'" tht' church an ooen housechapter board members, Mrs. ~ ~ ~ ~0" ---~n~**~,~-~j[~ : ,,e,',,,,,n,,,. w,ne,, g , " " " _....%t,on a d ; ~ AJ~I',..'~ U ightedgrandpa,"lhs. 8': ozs., Oct. 22. Photo by Make Black ,-,,~ n'w s he'l at the Jim Baler, president Gloria : -r *he bride's narents Kennellv Mrs Dan Dearie name o. ~ r- , " "" ' a t'asl trip ow.,r to - " " rv e ~CHI~I~s • ' ' G,ve them automalton-age • ran,l,,m and Fran ~-~---=~ Cooperat,ve ~-x.ension ~ieic ~.. i ,, wh,ch a buffet and Mrs. Henn,ng Beth and Mrs. ~l "'" '~ ~er" M rrison accuracy, p~us an instanbset /~/IIU/ \~q/~.~: (h lm agne punch wereser non t o d cal n r j'or nine days A '~ - k JLJ~uP~I~, ~{~{~{i~,{~{L. j ';" p' " - " day/ ate e da encased lff/~~~i ! " ~d helping Katl~y ~ L ~w II red ...... ,n a smart Seiko design I~'"1~~1~///~,,,~{ • The new Mrs. Marshall was Luncheon Noted ~o,. are self-winding, water 1 (~~ff/{{}/~ " ~'w baby. " ~ MONDAY, Nov. 4 - Bar- graduated from Othello tesled to 982 feet. Both have I ~////~] ." grand!(}arents are~" ~ becued beef on bun, whole s n fine 17jewet movements School and atte ded Wash .... ri]-Frank Boyd ,,f ~1 {l~ll~m~lwinm im I~wnw ~lwigwlllwgnw kernel corn, fruit cup, cake,ngton' ......... ~tate wmversny For 4-H Leoders Lefl:No. ZS013M--her ~~,~/ : , h. and milk. Her husband, graduate of A no-host luncheon meet- with blue dial and red sweep ~ : ,.,,,,,.,• UslInNNI IIIlIIII N" ummH TUESDAY, Nov. 5 - ' ' stainless steel Lady Seiko I~W///IIII/]]IlIII.~/ • Shorline High School in ing has been scheduled for allsecond hand. $105.00. ~"i~~/ : ~,te Expo Guests ~ by Lorraine Kingdon Macaroni and cheese, green Seattle and Shoreline cam- Area 6 4-H leaders Nov 7 at Right: No 54333M--stainless ~~/~/ : ~Ks houseguests of ~ beans, jello with fruit, hot munit.' Colle'-~ is camera ....... " steeI, iridescenl.l:;~dial ~JlJJJ}~ " Vona Fowles were ~ rolls with butter and milk. • ~Y'. . ,. - ~ p.m. m ~ne t4marron ,n a tara, y new thascu,ine ~ : ~.and his wife Mr , . ..... WEDNESDAY, Nov. 6 - man for a printing firm mRestaurant, accordmg toMrs, snaped cass $10500 ~ • it- , .~ ' ; n I'we s-rin-- bulbs but ! m neans, bmnese neans--ano ........ Seattle where the newlyweds Roy Hall, leader chairman. ' ' ~/ : .owaro box, ann • ,, r ~ , _. ., ,,, . ~ .,welner on nun, mustaro aria are lit home Presen !lends, the Aldous tired oi buying them to iced omers~-uyou~g~ve her a cat catsup, pork and beans, " " t to meet the lead- ~ : all of Hooper, the mice. My neighbor sag-at ~uo{ ~o~ao~. . applesauce, cake and milk. Bride's relatives attending ors and discuss policy chang- gestedldigafoot-deeptrench ,~notner irequem sugges- THURSDAY, Nov. 7 - from out-of-town included her es will be Wayne Boswell /~ouples spent a around the place 1 want to tion--d the beans .get too Oven-fried chicken, mashed grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. new Grant-Adams County ~-~J[~J[~ ~l~~l[m : 74 Inne the trench mature mt them ary cam otatoes with avy cran C.F. Gebhart, Caldwell, Ida., Extension agent LAmrr Jr,mrLr~a : i during their plant buibsand " , , . ~,, ,, p ' gr , - - ~h wire mesh Isn t there an pletely and shell them. ~ney'u berry sauce, pears, bread and and Mrs. S.C. Hunt, Marsing, In charge" of the meeting .................. : • "" " • • t " ' ~l~'e ,a.~ier way* cook up hke pin o or kidney butter and milk. Id~, and. ,her aunts, Mrs; will be Mrs. Hall and Mrs. YOUR DIAMOND SPECIALISTS : IIWII .... Gl~la If it's really mice dinning off beans. FR. IDAY, Nov: 8 - Poor boy t,enoy ~zc~e ano mr. and Gerald K. Petersen. They I~II | your bulbs yes there is anMrs. Helen Savage, Shelton, sandwich, potato chips, Mrs. Alan Haney, Caldwell; extend a welcome to all |v|em~er~ easier way' ' says she tried drying thelettuce salad with dressing, Mrs. Larry Plumb, Elko, persons interested in leading 7]~4 [ MAIN ~SS-90]| : _ _ Vince Bogatich, animal da- green beans but they wereapricots, cookie and milk. Nov., and Mrs. Galen Brewer, a 4-H club to attend the -" Marsing. luncheon. " ........................................"• '~! ||~{~C mage control state supervisor, tasteless., . . . ~r Groom's relatives in atten- ~ n ~, • ~~.~ u unn,~ ....... 4 .... mica will fall far Anybody else tarscarlet..~ , -~' ,. ?.. dance at the wedding were an ~ - • - ~ -~-" i ~"~ ......... • ......... • ..... - 9 nrep,ace, lftheyarentspntor aunt, Mrs. Mildred Moore, ll,~nll~,~ ~ ~OD~lt~ltl(,~ ~,, '110 a mousetrap just as readily as runner oeans. , ' couples were ....... ************ cut, you 11 have to use plenty of 'e • • house mice ~ame Kln(lOl ~aa[ea Dzst.rmt 1 trap too ' I have a fireplace for the first muscle, a saw or, ax,.mallet andMrs.and uncleLelandandMarshall,aunt, Mr.allandof '~~\_'N ~ ,.,,~v ~ g s ,~erm aria ' " • ..... i ........ weoge to oo the 3oo. x ou n Seattle. ~/~ :l~ll~V ~L~ ~ ~elil~ nits held Oct 20 Bait the traps w~th orolnary txme n my me ann {m relaynr,~hnhlv a|,~. hOOd linamont .e. rolled oats, mmstened' shghtly. Iookm.g lorward to using, It. ! "'’ .......... :~" "~'"'s~';~" ,,°rms " ~ * ~'~ ~V ~ n • a in the day's Put them out as soon as you don t have the muscle-power, ..... " . . " "m t r zvza~e sure ~,ne wooo ,s Winners Listed WU AtJIJD4 Were bowling, plant the bulbs and leave them the equip en o the know- +~. ..... +~,~., a ..... a o,,~a .,,,+ -'etings for both out overnight. Repeat thehow to eat my own wood, ~o ~"r~en"~'''~ ": ..... s~,-----,~ ~en a " e ulbs first I'll have to buy some I have s ~- • nd a droner trapping when th b. " , .... " .... Since you live on the west In Eagles Bridge Fn~dlkWV I~, ~ancin • ' the s rin storagelor alalr amoun[, nu[ 1 g begin to grow in P g Helen Fulks was winner of 'A ONT w " - • ........ rode, he suggests you buy ~g. part were the If larger rodents like don t nave any men atom ....... ni ............. narowoous SUCh as anaer ann High score at bridge at last , -uzers, t)~c~ ~oDhers are eating the bulbs, ouynng wooa. ..,~a,~,ot, ~,,,ot ..... ~, .... ~,,,, Thursday's luncheon-card ~ "" "-- "--" ~,ambs and E.J." ~ou ma,, have to resort to the A crackling fire is the best .""ff~"~2 ........ ~ .......... ~' ~.. t~rench-wire mesh or even escape from miserablewinter n%ter are. ..... party sponsored by the uzstrlct e t t~ememoer there s quz~e a es Auxiliary the Eagles N men--. !s mee],lnc,d p u y,~,. poisonw.,. ,~,~baitt.,.,~°f some,,e ~dvicekind'~ive weather I canlJave._. ,aumgartner,~" think_ of.~,xten.~, ..................... ain" ...... . .... hmw ..... -r4 of~I-Iaa{~l G LAST LONGER, lrs She herd ...................... woo(] an,] a rink or [ace Winning second high was ___ • ; ~, .P • Vince Bo-atich a call at (509) stun forest resources speoahst ...... Sandy Bard. Ruby Leary was I::l IDTMi:I t,al(e ~asur~av o . ... .. . ,.. . .. . coro--two oI the mos~ common . ~,.~,~.o~ 4~10~ He sa,,s~ he'll be o~'lad at washington ~tate umver- ~ • .... t uvu~u, ,,-,.~... I or a " measurements. ~ stanaara hird high and Milly Vogel Zone to help. sity, lists a number of things to at the Grant ************ keep in mind when you buy cord represents a stack of fourth high. in Apparently scarlet runner beans are a tavorite ot many ~Peaker of the people around the state. The was AI Bjork, Chairman of consensus from those whove tried them is that the young and tender beans can be Gambling told of state they orgamsa- of the ~ramission is Dec. 6, at Inn, ~e announced. persons or fformation are cooked just llke regular green beans. However, several people mentioned that the scarlet runner beans may be stronger flavored. Mrs. J. Schoenborn, Seattle, has worked up several recipes that disguise the flavor with sauces or other vege- tables. 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